Death Rattle is a 5 piece metal band from New England that boasts a distinctively powerful groove metal sound fueled by a powerful live stage performance. “This band gained our attention primarily off of live performances and their unrelenting drive to make it to the top. It is rare to see that much determination in a metal band these days”, commented Burton.

Death Rattle has established a strong following in the north eastern US which landed them a spot in last year’s Mayhem Fest, several tours and new week they will be performing at The New England Hardcore and Metal Fest along with acts such as Anthrax, Hatebreed, Carnifex, Born of Osiris and many others.

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Death Rattle’s latest video BURY ME:

Artist Information:
Hometown: Cape Cod/Boston Ma. Merrimack Nh
Genres: Metal / Groove Metal
Members: Ryan VanderWolk – Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Jimmy Cossette – Rhythm Guitar, Chris Morin-Drums

Donnie Lariviere-Vocals, Kevin Adams-Bass

For booking please contact:
Name : Daniel Paris
Contact :
Phone: 252-421-1002
Name: Stevil Helmer


For interviews/media inquiries please contact:
Name : Jay Burton
email :
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