Herod is an American Power/Thrash metal band from Buffalo NY. We have been kicking around since late 2000 and have released (6) records to date.

Formed in late 2000. We started out as a melodic metalcore band, but over the years evolved into our own unique form of American Power/Thrash Metal.

CDEP 2001 on Canada’s Sounds of Revolution Records “Sinners in the Eyes of an Angry God”…

CD 2002 on Philly’s Too Damn Hype Records “Execution Protocol”…

CD 2004 on Germany’s Lifeforce Records “For Whom the God’s Would Destroy”, 12″ LP on Ministry of Fire Records(2005)……….

CD 2006 “Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight”(Lifeforce)….

CD 2009 “The Curse of the King” (Dark Harvest)

CD 2013 “S/T” (Dark Harvest)

7″ 2014- Split w/LWFDIHH(Russia)

2003, 2004, 2005,2009- Various Compilation/Soundtrack Appearances….