Rock ‘n Roll

  Fans supporting their idols is one of the amazing things in the music world. Fans jamming and rocking to your songs is a satisfying feeling.


Bone Crushing, Pure death metal, with religious overtones is the presription being administered by PA Death Metal Overlords, United By Hate. The band released their label debut album, Indulgence in Sacrilege in 2012 and is currently touring and writing material… Continue Reading →


Classically inspired riffs, pile driving speed drums, and growling lead vocals create an intense overall sound for this steadily rising band that execute a high energy performance not only heard on our recordings, but as well as in our live… Continue Reading →


Death Rattle is a 5 piece metal band from New England that boasts a distinctively powerful groove metal sound fueled by a powerful live stage performance. “This band gained our attention primarily off of live performances and their unrelenting drive… Continue Reading →


Herod is an American Power/Thrash metal band from Buffalo NY. We have been kicking around since late 2000 and have released (6) records to date. Formed in late 2000. We started out as a melodic metalcore band, but over the… Continue Reading →


Riksha takes four guys and squeezes out as much sound and energy as possible. With a combination of both melodic and in your face vocal and guitar styles, Riksha hammers away with a musical montage of aggression, power and strength to… Continue Reading →


Description: Formed in 2003, Blood Tribe has been an extreme force to be reckoned with. The band set out to assault the listener’s eardrums with their own blend with varying genres of metal. They released the album “Burning Darkness” in… Continue Reading →

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